Server Rules

Lineage 2 Scarlet Server Rules

Read the rules carefully

1. Using innapropiate names or titles for characters in game is forbidden.
(Don't use names or titles like Admin, GM, System, NPC, Valakas, Antharas...)

2. Respect all staff members when they are ask you something.
(Any threats made to a Staff Member are forbidden)

3. Don't ask for items from any GM in game or forum.

4. You are not allowed to use any clicking/automatic/bot program, any kind of exploits (overbuffing, item exploits, enchant exploits...).
(Report any bug to forum on bug section)

5. Using someone else's account without permission is forbidden.
(Use antivirus software to protect your computer from hacking programs/keyloggers)

6. It is forbidden to mass PK/PK in low level areas with a high level character.

7. It is forbidden to make a shop near a NPC, especially Gate Keepers and Warehouse Managers in main Towns.
(Respect other players in game)

8. If you don't have a character more than 40lvl please don't make offline shops in Main Towns, characters will be automatically deleted.
(All characters under 40lvl can be anytime deleted)

9. It is forbidden to use bad words in any form in chat windows, character names, clan names or titles.
(Global, Trade and Hero chat is in english only)

10. It is forbidden to Buff players in Town, if they dont want that.

11. It is forbidden to use Dual box or AFK at automated Events.

12. Do not use Dual Box in Olympiad.

13. Selling accounts/ingame, items/favours for real life currency is strongly prohibited.

14. It is forbidden to advertise other servers.

If you have more questions, complaints and/or reports please contact us at [email protected]

PM (Private Message) in forum L2S (Forum admin)
PM (Private Message) in game L2S | L2Scarlet (Admins/GM's in game).