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You can change the unique basic characteristics of each race with tattoos. After the 2nd class transfer and up to the Awakening characters can use Greater Dyes. With tattoos, you can increase a basic characteristics +15 (max), there are no limitations on reducing the basic characteristics (shouldn’t be below 0).

There are special NPCS called Symbol Maker who can make tattoos. you can find sгch NPCs in any township (except starting villages).

To make a tattoo, you need dyes. There are different ways to get them depending on their type.

Dyes are used for making tattoos. There are different ways to obtain dyes:
To add main tattoos into 3 upper slots you need dyes which can be obtained in the game: you can purchase them from traders.
There are special NPCs in any township selling dyes for making tattoos. Dyes can also be purchased from Merchant of Mammon.

Lineage 2 Dyes/Tattoos Information

Lineage 2 Dyes/Tattoos Information
Dyes and Symbols
Certain items in Lineage II can change the basic ability values (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, MEN) of your character.

Increases amount of physical damage.

Increases attack speed, physical skill speed, accuracy, evasion, critical hit probability, success rate of dagger skills (such as Deadly Blow), shield defense success rate, and movement speed.

Increases maximum HP and CP, HP recovery speed, weight limit, underwater breath gauge, shock resistance, and bleeding resistance.

Increases damage of magic attacks and success rate of curse spells.

Increases chance of magic critical hits, casting speed, resistance to Hold, resistance to curses (such as HP degeneration, decreased HP recovery rate, increased skill re-use time, and decreased effect of heals).

Increases magic defense, maximum MP, MP recovery speed, poison resistance, and curse resistance. Decreases probability of magic interruption.
To change these ability values, a symbol can be created through the Symbol Maker.

Dyes are items that serve as ingredients for carving symbols (also referred to as tattoos). The dyes have + or - values for the basic ability values. There are ordinary dyes and high-quality dyes. Ordinary dyes can be used as ingredients for carving symbols after the first class transfer, but not after completing the second. Greater Dyes can be used only by players who have completed the second class transfer.

Symbol Engraving
Characters of level 20 or above have slots where they can use dyes in the inventory window to engrave symbols. Characters that haven't yet completed their first class transfer cannot use symbols. After completing the first class transfer, they can carve two symbols. After the second class transfer, they can carve one more symbol, for a total of three. Also, the symbols that were affixed before the second class transfer lose their effect when the character completes the second class transfer.
If players have enough quantity of dyes and want to engrave a symbol, they must speak to a Symbol Maker NPC. Symbol Makers charge a fixed fee to carve the symbol for the player. Carving a symbol consumes the dye used as an ingredient.
The amount that can be increased from symbols for a single basic ability value cannot be more than +5. For example, if two symbols cause STR to increase by +3 and +4 respectively, the total increase of STR cannot exceed +5. There is no limit to the reduction in values, but it is not possible to reduce an ability value all the way to zero.
Some limitations apply to certain symbol types, as shown in the table below.

Lineage 2 Symbol Engraving

Lineage 2 Dyes

Attribute system is meant for maximizing the efficiency of leveling up your character. The system is divided into the opposite elements and attributes. If you use an attribute which is opposite to the defence attribute of a mob, you can kill it faster.
You can add 1 attack attribute to your weapon, and 3 defence attributes to your armor. You can delete the attributes by talking to Attribute Masters in the Town of Aden and in the Rune Township. You cannot add 2 opposite attributes to armor.
More info about the Attribute system...
Weapon and armor in Lineage II can be improved with one or several elemental attributes: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Dark and Holy.

Lineage 2 Attribute Stones

Adding/removing an attribute
An attribute can be added to the items S-Grade or above.
Weapon can have 1 attribute type, armor can have 3 attribute types.
To change an attribute of an item, an Attribute NPC in Aden or Rune needs to cancel the existing one. Once the existing attribute has been deleted, a new one can be added.
Each armor type can be upgraded with attribute protection (excluding shields, tokens, belts and cloaks).
Attribute values are shown in Character status window (Alt+T).
Attribute stones can be obtained while hunting in different locations.
Attribute crystals can be obtained while hunting mobs and gathering elemental energy on Gracia continent.
If you're trying to add an attribute to an item or to increase an attribute, you may fail. However, in case of failure it will not be crystallized and the attribute parameters will not be reset.
Attribute stones can be exchanged for the antagonistic attribute stones (Attribute Masters will help you). Attribute Masters also sell herb of element protection (adding +30).
Since Freya update you can add 3 different attributes to each armor type.
Attribute stone increase protection up to 60, crystals are used to increase it further.
Weapon attribute has impact on damage from skills only if the skill attribute matches the weapon attribute or if the skill doesn't have any attribute.
If they do not match, the attribute doesn't have any impact on damage from skills.

Lineage 2 Attribute NPC

Lineage 2 Attributes

Gathering Star Stones and Element Crystals
On the Gracia continent there are different battles - not only with mobs, but the battles for gathering special resources as well. Such gathering can be divided into 2 types: gathering star stones (open field, or, to be more precise, open skies) and gathering attribute energy. Many people would like to gather attribute energy as it's necessary for making items to modify attribute elements of armor and weapon.

Gathering Star Stones
Star stones are located in the skies anywhere above Gracia. Characters can gather them only when in the state of flying transformation using a special skill.

1. The skill of Flying Transformation can be obtained on the Keucereus Alliance Base. There are 2 ways of getting it:
- Complete the Good Day to Fly quest (talk to Engineer Lekon).
- Buy a spellbook (Spellbook: Aura Bird Falcon, Spellbook: Aura Bird Owl from the NPC Officer Tolonis for 2,600,000 adena.

2. You can learn the skill on the Keucereus Alliance Base:
- Complete the Collecting in the Air quest (talk to Engineer Lekon).
- Buy the scroll Expert Text - Star Stone Extraction Skill. Lv. 1 from the NPC Officer Tolonis for 300,000 adena, and then level up your mastery for 400,000 adena and 1,200,000 adena.

The process:
Having learned the transformation and the skills to gather star stones, you're ready. There are Red, Green and Blue star stones in the skies of Gracia. Using the skill, you'll be able to collect Extracted Red Star Stone, Extracted Blue Star Stone and Extracted Green Star Stone, respectively.

The collected items are required to buy recipes for making Attribute Crystals and other items from Officer Tolonis.

Lineage 2 Gathering Star Stone

Gathering Attribute Energy
You can collect Energy Compression Stones in the Seed of Infinity, Seed of Destruction and Seed of Annihilation. You need the Shadow Item - Collection Agathion Summon Bracelet.

Gathering Attribute Energy

Lineage 2 Gathering Compression Stone in Seed of Annihilation

Lineage 2 Seed of Annihilation

How to get the Shadow Item - Collection Agathion Summon Bracelet:
Can be purchased from Officer Tolonis for Extracted Red Star Stone - 50 pcs. and 80,000 adena.

Shadow Item - Collection Agathion Summon Bracelet Lineage 2

How to collect Attribute Energy:
In the Seed of Infinity, Seed of Destruction and Seed of Annihilation you'll find sources of energy: Energy Seed - Water, Energy Seed - Fire, Energy Seed - Wind, Energy Seed - Earth, Energy Seed - Holy, Energy Seed - Dark.
Come to the source of energy and use your Agathion's skill (can be found among your character's skills). You can get 0-2 Compression Stones from 1 source.

Energy Seed - Water Energy Seed - Fire Energy Seed - Wind Energy Seed - Earth Energy Seed - Holy Energy Seed - Dark

Making Items
To make items and attribute crystals from the materials obtained in the skies of Gracia and in the Seeds, you need the Skill Create Common Item lvl 9 (you character gets this skill automatically when it reaches level 70), and the recipes which can be purchased from Officer Tolonis on the Keucereus Alliance Base.

Energy Star Stone - When used, fills your airship with a small amount of fuel (EP).
Extracted Red Star Stone - 6 pcs.
Extracted Blue Stone - 6 pcs.
Extracted Green Stone - 6 pcs.

High-quality Energy Star Stone - When used, fills the airship with a large amount of fuel.
Extracted Red Star Stone - 10 pcs.
Extracted Blue Stone - 10 pcs.
Extracted Green Stone - 10 pcs.

Fire Crystal - A crystal to increase attribute Atk. of Def.
Energy of Fire Compression Stone - 20 pcs.

Water Crystal - A crystal to increase attribute Atk. of Def.
Energy of Water Compression Stone - 20 pcs.

Earth Crystal - A crystal to increase attribute Atk. of Def.
Energy of Earth Compression Stone - 20 pcs.

Wind Crystal - A crystal to increase attribute Atk. of Def.
Energy of Wind Compression Stone - 20 pcs.

Dark Crystal - A crystal to increase attribute Atk. of Def.
Energy of Dark Compression Stone - 20 pcs.

Holy Crystal - A crystal to increase attribute Atk. of Def.
Energy of Holy Compression Stone - 20 pcs.

Officer Tolonis NPC location
NPC Officer Tolonis is located on the Keucereus Alliance Base. He sells the items required to gather star stones, different recipes, etc.

Augmentation is one of the ways to improve your equipment, alongside with enchanting, special abilities and attributes. Starting from level 46, your character can use augmentation by talking to Blacksmith NPCs in any township (except Talking Island Village).

Lineage 2 Augmentation

Augmentation allows you to get 2-4 different bonuses. Augmented items cannot be transferred or sold to anyone.
Blacksmith NPCs in any township (except Talking Island Village) can cancel augmentation, for a fee depending on the item grade.
If you need to learn more about Item Augmentation: More info about Augmentation...
Augmented items cannot be sold or transferred, they cannot be lost if your character dies, they cannot be dropped, however you can store them in your warehouse.

Life Stones
Life Stones and Life Stones for Accessories can still be used for Item Augmentation.

Augmentation process
Blacksmiths in every township (except starting villages) can help you with augmentation..
Items can be augmented by characters level 46 and higher.
Blacksmiths can cancel weapon augmentation.
If an item is augmented, the corresponding prefix is added to its name.
Augmented items cannot be exchanged, sold, lost upon death, dropped, transferred via mail or stored in a Clan warehouse. An augmented item can be stored in your character’s private warehouse. If augmentation is cancelled, the item can be transferred again.
Enchanted items or weapon with special abilities can also be augmented. If you cancel augmentation of an item, neither special abilities nor enchantment are deleted.
Augmented weapon cannot be used for creating dual swords, blunts or daggers.
Augmented weapon cannot be improved or exchanged at Blacksmith of Mammon’s.
A blacksmith in any township can cancel augmentation.
You’ll need to pay for cancelling augmentation, the price depends on the grade of your weapon and on its type.
The effects received when an accessory is augmented are random. They depend on the level of the Life Stone used.
Your chance to augment an accessory is always 100%.

Lineage 2 Augmented weapon

Lineage 2 Augmentation process

Special abilities
Special abilities can be added to weapon Grade С and higher. To add a special ability, you need a Soul Crystal.
More info about Special Abilities...

Lineage 2 Special abilities

Get Special Ability For Weapons in Lineage 2

You'll need to have the quest Enhance Your Weapon taken from Grand Magister Jurek in Magic Guild (Giran) to be able to raise Soul Crystals. He will give you a Soul Crystal. Be sure to have only 1 Soul Crystal at you at the time, or you won't be able to raise any.

This is the list of mobs and Raid Bosses that you can use to level up your Soul Crystals all the way up to level 18.

What is a Soul Crystal?
A Soul Crystal is a special item which allows you to add special abilities to weapon Grace C and above. There are common and special Soul Crystals.

How to obtain Soul Crystals
Common Soul Crystals can be obtained as trophies for killing Raid Bosses.
Common Soul Crystals can be obtained from bosses level 40 and above.

Common Soul Crystals level 1-4 can be combined to get Soul Crystals of a higher level.
To do so, you'll need 2 Soul Crystals of the same level.
If you fail, one of the Soul Crystals will disappear.

How to add a Soul Crystal effect
You can add a Soul Crystal effect to weapon via any Blacksmith in any township.
There's no limit for Soul Crystal levels depending on your weapon grade.
If you fail, one of the Soul Crystals will disappear.

How to add a Soul Crystal in Lineage 2

Soulshots and Spiritshots
There are special items in Lineage 2 which increase damage: Soulshots and Spiritshots. The grade of Soulshots and Spiritshots to use depend on the weapon grade.
More info about Soulshots and Spiritshots...

Lineage 2 Soulshots and Spiritshots

Soulshots and Spiritshots - features
Soulshots and Spiritshots increase damage caused on your opponents. The grade, the type and the amount of the shots consumed depends of the weapon you use.

Types of Shots
There are Soulshots and Spiritshots, and there are also shots for pets/servitors. For Phys. skills and attack you need Soulshots. For M. skills you need Spiritshots or Blessed Spiritshots. Similarly, for Phys. skills and attacks of servitors/pets Soulshots are required; for M. skills of servitors/pets Beast Spiritshots/Blessed Beast Spiritshots are required. Shots are divided by Grades; the grade of your weapon and the grade of shots must match.

How to use shots
Shots are to be used before striking an enemy or using a skill. You can do it manually by double-clicking the shots from your inventory or you hotkey pane. You can set up shots to be automatically applied to every hit by dragging the Soulshot or Spiritshot icon from your inventory to the shortcut bar and right-clicking the icon. You can turn it off by right-clicking the icon again.

How to use shots in Lineage 2

How to get shots
No Grade shots and Shots Grade D and C can be purchased in shops in any township. Shots Grade D, C, B, A and S can be crafted (if your character is a Dwarf).

Shots Consumption
Shots comsumption depends of the type and grade of the weapon used. The higher the grade, the less shots consumed. High-damage weapon, like bows and crossbows, consume more shots. The amount of shots consumed by pets and servitors depends on their type and level.

To facilitate non-stop hunting and to add more shots to the game, Shot Packages were added. Their weight is significantly lower. Packages and Greater Packages are crafted by Dwarves. Such packages can be opened by double-clicking; and the shots are moved to the inventory. Any package contains 300 shots; a Greater Package contains 1000 shots. Pet Managers sell Beast Shot Packages. The are also opened by double-clicking them. They contain 500 shots.

Visual effects
Every time you use a soulshot/spiritshot, you see beautiful animation, like a shot is sort of rolling down your weapon. When receiving damage (magical or physical), your opponent has aura of the corresponding colour.

Spiritshots and Blessed Spiritshots increase magic skills and make healing spells more effective. Spiritshots add 100% to spell success, and +40 to Casting Speed. They also make damage from spells 1.4 times greater. Blessed Spiritshots add 100% to spell success, and +40 to Casting Speed. They also make damage from spells 2 times greater. There's animation only when you use such shots.