Download and installation

Accounts are AUTOMATICALLY CREATED at the game login screen

Lineage 2 Freya Game client & System Patch

System Patch

Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya Patch
Mirror #1 (59.2 MB) (
Just unzip the archive with our L2 Scarlet system patch and replace the "system" folder from your game. Start the game from ../Lineage 2/system/l2.exe

Game Client

Lineage 2 Freya Game Client (Installer only!)
Mirror #1 (5.44 GB) (
Mirror #2 (5.44 GB) (

You'll need to install the game client using the installer "Setup.exe". After installation you'll need to download and replace with our L2 Scarlet system patch. Just unzip the archive, run "Setup.exe" wait until installation is done, download our patch and replace the "system" folder. Start the game from ../Lineage 2/system/l2.exe

Castle Cloaks Patch

Lineage II Scarlet Castle Cloaks Patch
Mirror #1 (26.8 MB) (direct link)
Just unzip the archive with our L2 Scarlet castle cloaks patch and copy/paste content from "system" and "SysTextures" folders to your game folder.

For Linux & Mac users
*Play Lineage 2 using latest version of Lutris on any Linux OS.

Install PlayOnLinux (Linux) or Lutris (Linux) or PlayOnMac (Mac)

Install latest Wine version for use in PlayOnLinux or with Lutris
*Recommended: Install WINE before PlayOnLinux or Lutris
Download Wine Binary Packages

Required: corefonts / d3dx9 or above / dotnet20 / msxml4 or msxml6 / vcrun2008 / Tahoma fonts
Install corefonts: sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer
Change ALT key with SUPER in your Linux OS settings.
Disable csmt (Create a new D_WORD Key in Windows Registry from Wine and restart - to avoid High CPU usage)

After installing right click on ../system/l2.exe file of your game. Enjoy!

* For Linux users and more detailed guide, please visit this forum threads
How to Connect on Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya 15x server
Play Lineage 2 on Ubuntu or Debian Linux

INFO! Before installing and running Lineage 2, make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements. Please note that Lineage 2 requires DirectX 9.0c and at least 3GB RAM or above. Windows 10 / 8 / 7. Install DirectX 9.0c or above and the latest drivers for your video card.

__Last updated on 1/6/2024