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[Event 11 Oct, 2018 - 11 Jan, 2019] Christmas Event!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Remix, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Classic Christmas Event
    11 December, 2018 - 11 January, 2019
    Dear friends!
    Christmas is just over the corner!
    And we are happy to announce, that Christmas Events are starting!

    Events period:
    December, 11 - January, 11
    During Event period, gather:
    [​IMG] Fir Tree Branches
    [​IMG] Star Ornaments
    [​IMG] Bead Ornaments
    [​IMG] Flower Pot

    [​IMG] Christmas Red Sock
    Bring them to Santa Trainee and Santa Claus Event NPC Managers, which will be waiting for you in any major town..




    In exchange for Christmas Red Sock (CRS):
    Santa's Antlers x15 CRS
    Santa Horn Hat x15 CRS
    Santa's Hat x15 CRS
    Rock-Paper-Scissors Santa Hat x15 CRS
    Party Hat x10 CRS
    Blue Party Hat x10 CRS
    Rudolph's Nose x10 CRS
    Star Shard x7 CRS
    Firework x15 CRS
    Large Firework x30 CRS
    Agathion Seal Bracelet - Rudolph x45 CRS
    Plaipitak Agathion Pack x45 CRS
    Baby Panda Agathion Pack x45 CRS
    Bamboo Panda Agathion Pack x45 CRS
    Snow Kung Transformation Stick 7 Day Pack x15 CRS
    Weapon Enchant Scroll - S Grade Pack x15 CRS (*Freya server only!)
    Lesser Giant's Codex - Mastery Pack x15 CRS (*Freya server only!)
    Freya White Pack x20 CRS (*Freya server only!)
    My Teleport Spellbook x50 CRS
    Soulshot Pack - S grade x5 CRS (*Freya server only!)
    Spiritshot Pack - S grade x5 CRS (*Freya server only!)
    Blessed Spiritshot Pack - S grade x5 CRS (*Freya server only!)
    Quiver of Light x5 CRS (*Freya server only!)
    Bolt Container of Light x5 CRS (*Freya server only!)
    Revita-Pop x5 CRS (*Freya server only!)
    Wind Walk Scroll x5 CRS
    Haste Scroll x5CRS
    Omen Beast Transformation Scroll x10 CRS
    Death Blader Transformation Scroll x10 CRS
    Grail Apostle Transformation Scroll x10 CRS
    Unicorn Transformation Scroll x10 CRS
    Lilim Knight Transformation Scroll x10 CRS
    Golem Guardian Transformation Scroll x10 CRS
    Scroll: Enchant Armor (S) x10 CRS
    Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S) x15 CRS
    Giant's Codex - Mastery x12 CRS
    Giant's Codex - Discipline x8 CRS
    Giant's Codex - Oblivion x8 CRS

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