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Info and Tutorials / How to get Brooch Top/Starter Guide Istina x50
« Last post by Onigiri on September 30, 2022, 10:29:32 PM »


•First to get the best starter brooch you need to farm 400 Event Medals to buy 80 Jewel Tickets from Alt+b>Shop>Exchange, After that talk to NPC called "Shadai" in the town of Heine and buy the brooch.


• To get the top Brooch first you need to buy another 60 jewel tickets from Alt+B, Then from "Shadai" buy x10 "Brooch spirit stones".
• Exchange x10 Stones + Starter brooch from before to get "La Vie En Rose's Magnificent Brooch" (Enhanced).
• With the remaining 50 Jewel Tickets buy the regular "La Vie En Rose's Magnificent Brooch".
• Now exchange both brooches to get the TOP brooch "La Vie En Rose's Magnificent Brooch" (Rare).

** Top Brooch can be augmented **
Info and Tutorials / Post Awakening Lv85+ Guide
« Last post by Onigiri on September 29, 2022, 11:33:06 PM »

• After you complete your awakening (4th class) go to Dark Elf village > Bloody Swampland and farm exp until you reach Lv89, Another option is killing a RB over there (one with no minions) and that will boost you to Lv90-92.

• After that you need to go to Kamel Village > Stronghold II/III and farm over there until Lv95.

• At Lv95 Aden > Blazing Swamp is the place you will be farming most of the time until you get to Lv100-102, Until you get enough event medals to buy armor/weapon R95 from alt+b>shop>armors R-R95/weapons R-R95 you will be staying in Blazing swamp for a while.

• After you finally  managed to buy a full set(armor/weapon) R95 you can start being proactive and don't care much on where to lvl up fast but on what will be the next step to upgrade your gear/character stats.

1) Daily "kartia's Labirinth" from the town of Aden, speak to the NPC "Kartia Researcher" to enter solo or with a party (Party of min 2 players).
• The reward is various codex books, Enchant scrolls and a small chance of tarot cards.

2) Daily dimensional craft-rift located in the town of Aden (This is where the real grind begins). To enter you first talk to the NPC named "Tarti" and take her quest, after you accepted her quest talk to the NPC next to her named "Ruine" and enter either Dimensional crack for Lv95+ or Dimensional Rift for Lv100+.
• The reward is a box containing Venir's talisman stage 1-2.

3) Daily "Nightmare Kamaloka" (min of 2 party members Lv101+) Located in the town of Aden, Talk to the NPC named "kurtiz" to enter (Accept his quest for some attribute crystals).
• Each boss inside will have a chance to drop Bloody/Dark Armor/Weapon stones which are very needed for gear upgrade.

4)Daily "Krofin's nest" (min of 2 party members Lv105+) Talk to the NPC named "Lionel Hunter" located in the town of Heine. Clear the rooms until you get to the final Boss room (First boss is a decoy kill the decoy or the minions around it to spawn the real boss).
• The final Boss will drop R110 equipment and very HIGH amount of EXP.

Now that you have full R99 gear your next step is to upgrade some stuff
• Talismans
  Seven Signs -
  Venir's - Guide is coming soon...
  Insanity - Guide is coming soon...
  Abundance - Guide is coming soon...

• Exalt skills -

• Dragon Shirt -

• Helios/Eternal equipment upgrade -

• Circlet - Guide is coming soon...

• Brooch -

• Brooch Jewels - Guide is coming soon...

Did you maxed out everything above?

now your goal is to enchant your skills higher than +10 and participate in Ceremony of Chaos

[Top1 player gets top belt as reward at the end of the period (1month)]

Don't forget about Grand Olympiad!
In every town you can talk to the Olympiad Manager and challenge others to the Hero Title!
Collect tokens by participating in matches and exchange them for chapter 1 codexes (for +11 or higher skill enchantment)

**If you feel like you need a little bit of power boost feel free to Join Scarlets discord and complete the tasks on the Event tab and get rewarded with enough CoL to get a free Dragon weapon which can be equipped at Lv 105+**

Credit - Raegan aka mellon's RaidBoss

Info and Tutorials / Contributing Seal Stones for Seven Signs in Lineage 2
« Last post by Feng Shui on September 21, 2022, 01:06:04 AM »
Contributing Seal Stones for Seven Signs in Lineage 2

The best way to get Seal Stones is to kill monsters in Catacombs and Necropolis...

Info and Tutorials / How to mount a Pendant on a Hair Accessory in Lineage 2 Fafurion
« Last post by Feng Shui on September 21, 2022, 12:21:15 AM »
How to mount a Pendant on a Hair Accessory in Lineage 2 Fafurion

Teleport to Giran town and visit Moe NPC Aden Reconstruction Society Leader...


Istina 50x server / Command Post instance will be released tomorrow on 19.09.2022
« Last post by Feng Shui on September 18, 2022, 04:42:45 PM »
Command Post instance will be released tomorrow on 19.09.2022 on Lineage 2 ISTINA 50x server.
Atelia's Fortress is waiting for the most bravest warriors... ;)

Info and Tutorials / How to obtain and make Seven Signs Talisman
« Last post by Onigiri on September 02, 2022, 03:17:25 PM »

• First you need to get the 3 ingredients to make the Seven Signs talisman - (Anakim talisman, Lilith talisman, Seven signs Energy)


• You need to form party of 10 people (7-main party 3-Command Channel party)
• To get Talisman - Anakim you will need to take down the RB called "Anakim" (Aden > The Disciple's Necropolis)
• To get Talisman - Lilith you will need to take down the RB called "Lilith" (Dark elf village > Catacomb of Dark Omens)
• Both RB have a chance to drop Seven sings energy x3


• After you obtained the ingredients you will need to go and talk to NPC called "Seed Talisman Manager" outside the entrance to Einhassad Temple in Aden.

P.S - Have fun and keep grinding! Feel free to @ me on Scarlets discord "Onigiri" ISTINAx50 if you have any questions!
Lineage 2 Guides / Alchemic Tome Drop Chances
« Last post by Feng Shui on September 02, 2022, 02:18:58 AM »
Alchemic Tome Drop Chances

39484 - Alchemic Tome: Life Stone
39483 - Alchemic Tome: Enchant Scroll
39485 - Alchemic Tome: Dye

Freya / Lv. 90 / x1 / 16.02%

Earth Wyrm Trasken / Lv. 99 / x1 / 3.295%

Istina Queen of Annihilation / Lv. 99 / x1 / 3.667%

Tauti / Lv. 99 / x1 / 1.667%

Kelbim Fallen Guardian of Atelia / Lv. 104 / x1 / 1.667%

Camille Final Apostle / Lv. 104 / x1 / 1.667%

Helios Emperor of the Beginning / Lv. 105 / x1 / 8.335%

Etis van Etina Overlord / Lv. 109 / x1 / 8.335%

Kain van Halter Disciple of Void / Lv. 109 / x1 / 8.335%

Valakas Fire Dragon / Lv. 118 / x1 / 16.67%

Fafurion Wrathful Water Dragon / Lv. 118 / x1 / 6.668%

Lineage 2 Guides / Facing Sadness quest in Lineage 2 Fafurion server
« Last post by Remix on August 23, 2022, 12:06:50 PM »
Teleport to Heine and talk to Verdure Elder Elikia.
Go defeat the monsters in Raider's Crossroads and Hellbound and bring back the Proof of Disposal.
If you defeat the stronger monsters in Hellbound, you'll be able to collect the Proof of Disposal even faster.
Bring back proof of the monsters that you've defeated.

Video guide:

Lineage 2 Guides / Fafurion's Minions quest in Lineage 2 Fafurion server
« Last post by Remix on August 23, 2022, 11:09:22 AM »
Teleport to Fafurion's Temple and talk with Lupicia NPC.
You have to defeat the monsters created by Fafurion, dwelling in Fafurion Temple and to bring her Minion's Symbols worn by his closest minions. Hunt Temple Guard Captain, Temple Guard Captain, Elite Guardian Warrior, Elite Guardian Archer, Temple Patrol Guard, Temple Knight Recruit, Temple Guard, Temple Guardian Warrior, Temple Wizard, Temple Guardian Wizard, Temple Priest, Temple Guardian Priest, Starving Water Dragon. You need to get 10 Minion's Symbol Minion's Symbol.

Video guide:

Lineage 2 Guides / Magnificent Brooch augmenting in Lineage 2 Fafurion server
« Last post by Feng Shui on August 22, 2022, 06:01:21 PM »
Augmenting a brooch is as easy as augmenting a weapon or an armor. Find a Blacksmith in any town and choose "I want to augment an item".

Magnificent Brooch (both types) is the only brooch you can augment. Old brooches cannot be augmented.
Enhanced Brooch and rare Brooch give different augmentation options. Enhanced only gives usual stats boost.
If you augment an Enhanced Brooch, you get 2 random effects.

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