How To Connect & Play

 In order to play, you first need to register for a Lineage 2 Scarlet user account.


Download and Installation
Lineage 2 Freya Game client & System Patch


Game client:

Lineage II Freya Game Client (Installer only!)

 Mirror #1 (5.44 GB) (
 Mirror #2 (5.44 GB) (

You'll need to install the game client using the installer "Setup.exe". After installation you'll need to download and replace with our L2 Scarlet system patch. Just unzip the archive, run "Setup.exe" wait until installation is done, download our patch and replace the "system" folder. Start the game from ../system/l2.exe


System Patch:

Lineage II Scarlet Freya Patch (system patch)

 Mirror #1 (20.4 MB) (
 Mirror #2 (20.4 MB) (direct link)

Just unzip the archive with our L2 Scarlet system patch and replace the "system" folder from your game. Start the game from ../system/l2.exe