Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What version of Lineage 2 client do i need?

A: Our Lineage 2 Scarlet server supporting Lineage II Freya game client.

Q: I can't register/login to server... Why?

A: You can't register direct from your game client, you need to create an account from website only. First register here and then login from your game client.

Q: I want to connect to Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya server. Where I can download Lineage 2 Freya patch system?

A: You can download our Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya Patch from here - Download our Lineage 2 Scarlet patch systems.

Q: I need a Gamemaster assistance but couldn't find one in-game. What to do?

A: They can be found in the game and of course they are hidden. The easiest way to reach us is to either use our forums. Before contacting us, make sure only a gamemaster can answer your question and also make sure we will be able to help you. You should as well check if your question hasn't been already answered in this FAQ or in forums (Use Search function first).

Q: I often get critical errors. Is there any way to solve this issue/problem?

A: Unfortunately not. If the error is always the same then there's definitely an issue that you should let us know about. In most cases you must use our Lineage 2 Scarlet patch systems to connect and do NOT use other patches from another servers.

If you have more questions please contact us at [email protected]

PM (Private Message) in forum L2S (Forum admin)
PM (Private Message) in game L2S | L2Scarlet (Admins/GM's in game).