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Please be aware that donation is not required to play in the server.
The donation items you will receive are: Coin of Luck, which can be exchanged for other items in shops.
You get the coins on your account/character as soon as your donation is registered.
For other desired services, contact the GM in game or write a private message to the Admin on the forum.
NO Pay2Win We do not give out items that are not obtainable in game by everybody.
NO custom items (Retail Only!) We don't have any custom items on L2 Scarlet Freya server.
NO custom Olympiad or Ranking System (Retail Only!) There are NO changes for Olympiad. Fair gameplay for everyone.

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Donate for CoL via PayPal

Character name (from game)

In a few hours you will receive your Coin of Luck (CoL) via ingame mailbox.
If you encounter any problems send an email to support or Discord.

Promotions and discounts
04, 2024

100 CoL + 25 CoL bonus
50 CoL + 10 CoL bonus
25 CoL + 5 CoL bonus
15 CoL + 3 CoL bonus
10 CoL + 2 CoL bonus
5 CoL + 1 CoL bonus

EXP 85lvl 10 CoL / 5 CoL
200kk Skill Points 10 CoL / 5 CoL
50k Clan Rep. Points 10 CoL / 5 CoL
100k Clan Rep. Points 20 CoL / 10 CoL
Change Clan Name 25 CoL / 20 CoL
Buffer NPC in Clan Hall or Castle 25 CoL / 20 CoL
Gatekeeper NPC in Clan Hall or Castle 25 CoL / 20 CoL
Warehouse NPC in Clan Hall or Castle 25 CoL / 20 CoL
AIO NPC in Clan Hall or Castle 40 CoL / 30 CoL
255 Recommendations 20 CoL / 15 CoL
Change Player Name 20 CoL / 10 CoL
Unban Your Account 20 CoL / 10 CoL
Chat Unban 5 CoL / 3 CoL

Exploration Packs & Bundles NEW!
[INFO!] All Packs and Bundles are available in-game from "Dimensional Merchant NPC".
5th Anniversary Bundle Ring of Baium
Earring of Antharas
Necklace of Valakas
Blessed Necklace of Freya
Sexy Panda Agathion Pack
100x Accessory Type Life Stone - level 84
100x Top-Grade Life Stone - level 84
100x Weapon-Type Enhance Backup Stone (S-Grade)
100x Armor-Type Enhance Backup Stone (S-Grade)
5000x Spirit Stone Fragment
50 bil. adena

Bonus: 1000 E. Medals
Bonus: 20 CoL
100 CoL
Winter Holiday Bundle Freya White Pack
Cloak of Freya
Freya Necklace
Ring of Queen Ant
Ring of Baium
Santa's Antlers
Snowman Transformation Stick Pack (30-day)
50x Accessory Type Life Stone - level 84
50x Top-Grade Life Stone - level 84
50x Weapon-Type Enhance Backup Stone (S-Grade)
50x Armor-Type Enhance Backup Stone (S-Grade)
2500x Spirit Stone Fragment
10 bil. adena

Bonus: 500 E. Medals
Bonus: 10 CoL
50 CoL

Pets & Mounts
*Visit Special Shop NPC in game.
Strider (Mount) 3 CoL
Fenrir (Mount) 3 CoL
Kookaburra (Pet) 3 CoL
Maguen (Pet) 3 CoL
Elite Maguen (Pet) 10 CoL
Light Purple-Maned Horse Mounting Bracelet (Mount) 5 CoL
Tawny-Maned Lion Mounting Bracelet (Mount) 7 CoL
Steam Beatle Mounting Bracelet (Mount) 20 CoL
Wyvern (Mount) 25 CoL

*Important: After sending a donation, send us an email with following Informations:

- Your Character name:
- Paypal Transaction Number:

* Your email must be send to

Contact us via email on for more information.

Rewards delivery may take up to 24 hours after donation was send.
Thank you for supporting Lineage 2 Scarlet server.