[Event] Christmas Event! December 11, 2018 - January 11, 2019

  • Posted on: 7 December 2018
  • By: L2S

We are happy to announce, that Christmas Events are starting!
During Event period, gather: Fir Tree Branches, Star Ornaments, Bead Ornaments, Flower Pot, Christmas Red Sock and bring them to Santa Trainee and Santa Claus Event NPC Managers, which will be waiting for you in any major town..
*More info about Christmas Event.

Memorable Raid Bosses Event

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: L2S

The mighty raid bosses and evil characters of yesteryear are back for revenge! During this event, level 85 version of the Queen AntOrfenAnakim andLilith raid bosses can be defeated near Elven Village in exchange for rewards.​
Memorable Raidbosses Event occur every 16 hours and 20 minutes after each restart!

New updates from 28 Feb. 2018 on Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya 15x server

  • Posted on: 1 March 2018
  • By: L2S

Exchange option added for Elegia armors and weapons to Munar NPC from Giran Town.

Added missing item to Munar NPC - Halberd Cudgel Piece
A key material that Dwarves use to make Dynasty Cudgel. Can be sold in any shop. Is used in craft of: Dynasty Cudgel.

Cannibalistic Stakato Leader mob (warrior) - FIXED!
Skill Eating Follower Heal - Added reuseDelay, temporary fix for healing.

[Event] Raidboss is here! Done 100% for L2 Scarlet Freya server 15x

  • Posted on: 7 January 2018
  • By: L2S

Are you ready for raiding?
AnakimEmber, Queen Shyeed and *Glakias

Event Interval
Every 4 hours between [Event] Raidbosses and 10 minutes after server restart (Daily, 6.05 AM, GMT+2).
Event will be announced in-game chat !! (every 4 hours!)