Lineage 2: Grand Crusade Coming March 29!

  • Posted on: 27 March 2017
  • By: L2S
Lineage 2 Grand Crusade Patch

[Updated!] Grand Crusade, the next major chapter for Lineage II, is now live! 
Grand Crusade, the next major chapter for Lineage II, will be released for free to all players on March 29

Watch the official Lineage II: Grand Crusade cinematic trailer and stay tuned for more details leading up to the Wednesday, March 29 release!

Patch Notes: Lineage 2 Grand Crusade Patch Notes


Grand Crusade Server Settings
Duration: March 29–April 26, 2017

  • %50 EXP Bonus
  • Item drop rates doubled on weekends during the following Server times:
    • April 01 00:00–April 02 23:59
    • April 08 00:00–April 09 23:59
    • April 15 00:00–April 16 23:59
    • April 22 00:00–April 23 23:59
  • Raid bosses respawn 50% faster


Grand Crusade Content Preview

Lineage 2 Grand Crusade content preview

Grand Crusade, the next major content update for Lineage II, brings a bevy of new content, features, character progression paths, and systems updates to Aden on Wednesday, March 29. And the overarching story that connects the core themes of Grand Crusade calls players to battle in two new areas: Messiah’s Citadel and Mystic Tavern.


New Hunting Grounds: Messiah’s Citadel

A sprawling castle brimming with truly nefarious forces and brutal creatures, Messiah’s Citadel serves as an Embryo stronghold. Upon completion of the Keucereus Alliance Base Defense, the Outer Castle is available to characters level 100 and above in parties of 14–35 members. As you leap from area to area around and throughout the citadel, you’ll encounter elite Embryo commanders, gatekeepers, and bosses. Parties of 14-35 members at level 102 and above can also assault the Inner Castle, where you’ll have the opportunity to confront its mysterious leader and neutralize the threat, dealing a decisive blow to the Embryo. It remains to be seen, however, to what extent your success in Messiah’s Citadel can thwart Etis van Etina’s ultimate plan.

Lineage 2 Grand Crusade Messiah’s Citadel

In addition to Mystic Tavern and Messiah’s Citadel, Grand Crusade includes a number of other game features and improvements. If you haven’t already, watch the official Grand Crusade trailer and check out the preliminary patch notes to get a better sense of what this update brings to Lineage II.


Exalted Quests

Two new exalted quest chains will offer players additional challenges for even greater rewards. Completing the main quest in each chain will yield a more powerful version of Spellbook: Dignity of the Exalted. Further along in each quest chain players will also earn Spellbook: Vitality of the Exalted in two ranks. Here’s a quick overview of each new quest chain and the primary rewards they provide:

Exalted, Reaching Another Level

  • Available at level 103
    • Quest Objectives
      • Hunt monsters in Giant’s Cave or Hellbound
      • Reach level 6 Faction with Blackbird and Giant Trackers
      • Create 50 Special Fish Stews from fishing rewards
      • Defeat 10 raid bosses for the new Hunter’s Guild
      • Reach level 104
    • Quest Rewards
      • Dignity of the Exalted Lv. 4 (passive skill: +4 all stats, except LUC)
      • 4,500 Faction Points
      • Vitality of the Exalted Lv. 1 (passive skill: 30% XP/SP Bonus)

Exalted, Guide to Power

  • Available at level 104
    • Quest Objectives
      • Hunt monsters in Enchanted Valley, Garden of Spirits, or Atelia Fortress
      • Reach level 6 with two of these three Factions: Mother Tree Guardians, Unworldly Visitors, or Kingdom’s Royal Guard
      • Obtain four Story Books from the Mystic Tavern instances
      • Invade the Messiah Citadel Inner instance and defeat Camille
    • Quest Rewards
      • Dignity of the Exalted Lv. 5 (passive skill: +5 all stats, except LUC)
      • 4,500 Faction Points
      • Vitality of the Exalted Lv. 2 (passive skill: 100% XP/SP Bonus)

In addition, several existing exalted quests have had their difficulty lowered to give more players an opportunity to advance to the new chains.


Monster Collection

A new Monster Collection window lets players view the stats of defeated monsters, in addition to info on monsters in each territory and their associated Faction, dropped items, appearance, and HP/MP. There are four levels of monster Hunting Goals and the number of monsters that must be defeated increases with each level. XP, SP, and FP are awarded every time a new level of monster Hunting Goals is reached. Monster Collection rewards are available starting at level 99 or higher and progress is shared between main and Dual Class.


Ability System

The ability system becomes available when a character reaches level 85. Characters receive 1 Ability Point each time they increase in level beyond 85. Abilities are still learned by consuming Ability Points, however, due to the changes to the point system, existing points are being reset with Grand Crusade and new points will be given based on a character’s current level. Players can consume SP to reset Ability Points. The Ability effects have been modified as follows:

  • Knight Abilities enhance defensive attributes
  • Berserker Abilities enhance physical attacks
  • Wizard Abilities enhance magical attacks


Class Skills

Several general shared class skills have been adjusted, while some have been replaced with new skills. In some cases, learning these new skills will delete previous skills, even if those skills have been enchanted. The new skills themselves cannot be enchanted; however, their base power is intended to be greater than the enchanted skills they replace. Once a skill has been replaced by its new skill counterpart, the choice cannot be undone—make certain first that you want to replace a skill!

Additionally, some current skills have been changed or renamed for all classes. In this case, enchantments on renamed skills are automatically transferred to the updated versions of those skills.