Epic Tale of Aden: Fafurion (EP 6.0)

Lineage 2 Istina server preview

A window to the future of L2 SCARLET community...

Dear adventurers,

Lately we have found that our Freya x15 server has been accessed more than the normal period and it seems that many players start by showing interest because they considered L2 SCARLET to be a quality server and worth playing.

As many of you recently noticed a new member has joined our team, this is Feng Shui. In collaboration with Feng Shui (the new GM on Istina x50 server) we will develop a new project and a new L2 server. Our new server will be called L2 SCARLET Istina 50x, but do not worry because we will not close the L2 Freya 15x server, our Freya 15x server will remain our great spirit and legacy (as stable as the base project - we respect our players).

With the opening of the new L2 SCARLET Istina 50x server we want to bring a continuation to the Seed of Annihilation area with a new Istina raid and a lot of new quests, level cap increased to 120, new hunting and instance zones, new quests and missions, with a major improvement of the game's graphics and extraordinary stability...

Lineage 2 Istina - Patch Notes

Server Features & Info

Chronicle: Lineage 2 Fafurion
EXP: 50x / SP: 50x / Party EXP: 2x / Party SP: 2x / DropItems: 1x / RaidDropItems: 3x / RaidDropJewely: 1x / Spoil: 10x / Adena: 25x
Server rates are uniquely designed to fit a high end PvP(vE) server, to make players enjoy every aspect of the game, PvP, PvE, Mass PvP, Clan Wars for various rewards, PvP for raids and much more, high-end game content for instances, mobs designed...

Buffs time: 2 hours
Community Board with Shop, Buffer and Gatekeeper
Sell Buffs and Offline Shops
Merchant of Mammon announcements. Merchant of Mammon Travels from one township to another: Aden, Rune and Giran, randomly teleporting into one of the mentioned cities.
No Wipe. All your work will be saved forever.
Max. level 120

New Hunting Zones, Armor Sets and Raid Bosses

Lineage 2 Istina update

Added a new party hunting zone 'Fafurion Temple'.
The difficulty of monsters in the Field of Silence has been adjusted to level 106 and higher.
The difficulty of monsters in the Field of Whispers has been adjusted to level 108 and higher.
Kartia's Labyrinth (Solo) Dungeon. Improved the three solo instance zones of Kartia's Labyrinth.
S80-Grade Equipment will not be provided for free. Loot, craft, or buy from other players.
Mysterious Soulshots/Blessed Spiritshots (C-Grade to A-Grade) will also no longer be provided for free. Craft, purchase them from the Grocer, or buy them from other players.

Adjusted the Etis van Etina Raid Battle
Limit Barrier disabled.
R/R95/R99/R110 Grade Armor Sets available.

Increased the XP gained in the following hunting zones:
- Altar of Evil
- Desert Quarry
- Bloody Swampland
- Beleth's Magic Circle
- Fairy Settlement
- Giant's Cave
- Seal of Shilen (Field)
- Enchanted Valley
- Silent Valley
- Atelia Refinery
- Cemetery
- Blazing Swamp

The following hunting zones have been changed:
- Windy Hill
- Ruins of Agony
- Ruins of Despair
- Orc Barracks
- Cruma Tower
- Varka Silenos Barracks
- Ketra Orc Outpost
- Den of Evil
- Plains of the Lizardmen
- Field of Whispers
- Field of Silence
- Dragon Valley
- Altar of Evil
- Bloody Swampland
- Fairy Settlement
- Nornil's Cave
- Seal of Shilen Fields
- Orbis Temple
- Cemetery
- Pagan Temple
- Phantasmal Ridge

Plains of the Lizardmen has been refined as level 100 hunting zone.
R110 equipment can now be acquired from upgrading enchanted weapons, armor, crafting or as a random loot drop from defeating Antharas, Valakas or Fafurion.
Added new R110 armor 'Leviathan'
Added the new R110 weapon 'Krishna'
Normal R110 Weapons can be upgraded three times through the Blacksmith of Mammon NPC.
You can upgrade an existing R99 Blessed Amaranthine weapon to a Krishna weapon. You can upgrade through the Ferris NPC, the chief blacksmith of the town of Aden.
Pendants attached to hair accessories can be exchanged for Sealed Pendants through the Aden Reconstruction Society Member NPC.

We do not know the exact date yet, but it will be announced.

We hope it will bring great pleasure to all L2 players.

L2S and SCARLET team.