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Queen Krosha, now LIVE on ISTINA x50 server!

Discussion in 'Istina 50x server' started by Feng Shui, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Queen Krosha, now LIVE on ISTINA x50 server!
    (Following a custom release mechanism)

    Free teleport to Boss Room from Community Board.
    Location: Krofin's Nest.
    Respawn every 24 hours and no min. players restriction.
    Party size: 1 party (5-7 ppl) and lv. 105+
    Increased droplist (Eternal/Helios was removed and added R110 Leviathan/Krishna).
    RB skills available.
    Talisman of Insanity and Fallen Angel's Ring Pack available on droplist.

    UPDATED on 08.06.2021
    Geodata FIXED for Queen Krosha Boss Room. Queen Krosha is ALIVE! Community Board > Gatekeeper > Raid Zones > Queen Krosha
    Difficulty level: Medium (this boss Queen Krosha is similar to Cyrax).

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