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Happy Easter Day!

Discussion in 'Istina 50x server' started by Feng Shui, Apr 28, 2021.

Top RB Hunters Weekly Reset (1st day, 00:00 GMT+1)
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    Easter Eggs Hunt Event is here!

    From 28 April till 2 May, hunt mobs all over the map and get from them Easter Eggs!


    Blessed Zaken's Earring
    1 Billion Adena Box
    Destruction Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade)
    Destruction Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade)
    Lv. 5 Legendary Dye Pack - Event
    Rare Accessory Box (7-day)
    Mount - Black Bear Pack (30-day)
    Kukurin Bracelet
    Transformation Scroll: Zaken - Event
    Superior Giant's Codex
    Gemstone (R-grade)
    Blessed Scroll of Resurrection (Event)
    Transformation Scroll: Heretic - Event
    Attribute Stone Pack - Event
    Blessed Scroll of Escape (Event)