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Leveling Guide from level 1 to 99 - Lineage 2 Ertheia

Discussion in 'Lineage 2 Guides' started by Feng Shui, Sep 18, 2020.

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    Leveling Guide from level 1 to 99
    Lineage 2 - Chronicle: Ertheia


    Lineage 2 Scarlet Istina 50x server ... Leveling, Hunting Zones & Raids (GoD+)

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    Level 1-19
    Talking Island Village, Ruins of Ye Sagira

    Level 1-19 (Ertheia)
    Faeron Village, Whispering Woods

    Level 20-39
    Windmill Hill, Ruins of Agony, Ruins of Despair, Wasteland

    Level 20-39 (Ertheia)
    Windy Hill, Orc Barracks

    Level 40-51
    Cruma Tower, Alligator Island, Outlaw Forest

    Level 52-59
    Sea of Spores, Tower of Insolence, Forsaken Plains

    Level 60-74
    Valley of the Saints, Fields of Massacre, Forest of the Dead, Swamp of Screams, Wall of Argos, Hot Springs

    Level 75-80
    Silent Valley, Forge of the Gods, Shrine of Loyalty, Varka Silenos Outpost, Ketra Orc Outpost, Dragon Valley, Crypts of Disgrace, Primeval Island, Imperial Tomb

    Level 81-85
    Sel Mahum Training Grounds, Den of Evil, Fields of Silence, Fields of Whisper, Plains of the Lizardmen, Giant's Cave, Monastery of Silence, Stakato Nest

    Level 85-99
    Level 85+
    Single player hunt: Altar of Evil, Seed of Annihilation - Nursery, Kartia's Labyrinth
    Party hunt: Kartia's Labyrinth, Harnak Underground Ruins, Seed of Annihilation
    Raids: Teredor

    Level 87+
    Single player hunt: Bloody Swampland

    Level 90+
    Single player hunt: Fairy Settlement, Kartia's Labyrinth
    Party hunt: Kartia's Labyrinth, Garden of Genesis, Prison of Darkness
    Raids: Kimerian, Fortuna, Istina, Spezion

    Level 93+
    Single player hunt/Party hunt: Nornil's Cave

    Level 95+
    Single player hunt: Seal of Shilen, Isle of Souls, Kartia's Labyrinth
    Party hunt: Kartia's Labyrinth, Orbis Temple, Guillotine Fortress
    Raids: Altar of Shilen, Octavis

    Level 97+
    Single player hunt: Cemetery
    Party hunt: Seed of Hellfire, Pagan Temple
    Raids: Crystal Caverns, Instance Zone: Tauti

    Level 98-99+
    Single player hunt: Hellbound, Land of Chaos
    Party hunt: Nightmare Kamaloka
    Raids: Balok, Epic Tauti, Epic Istina