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Seed of Annihilation Survival Guide

Discussion in 'Lineage 2 Guides' started by Menhit, Mar 28, 2020.

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    Seed of Annihilation Survival Guide
    How to survive in Seed of Annihilation (SoA)​

    About Seed of Annihilation...
    Zone type: Party Hunting Area
    Recommended level: 85

    The Seed of Annihilation is an enormous, parasitic creature that absorbs bio-energy by burying its roots into the ground. At the center of this organism is Istina - the mother creator. She has a symbiotic relationship with the land, and uses energy she pulls from the ground to create the creatures that inhabit the Seed. But she is no benevolent mother; she forces these creatures to fight each other for survival. This challenging and awe-inspiring area can be reached by flying or by airship from the Keucereus Alliance Base, located far to the south.
    The Seed of Annihilation is split into three areas: Bistakon, Reptilikon, and Kokracon. Players may hunt in these areas at all times, regardless of the Seed’s status.


    In the Seed of Annihilation, there you can find three raid bosses: Dopagen, Taklacan, and Torumba. From these Raid Bosses you can get a useful drop + S84 gear.

    Each area has its own Raid Boss. They appear are certain times, or can be prompted to appear by continuous hunting in their area.
    Bistakon: Taklacan (85 lv.)
    Reptilikon: Torumba (85 lv.)
    Cokrakon: Dopagen (85 lv.)

    Each of these areas will also bestow a buff, which will allow players to inflict further damage on the local monsters, depending on their class type.
    The buffs are: Efficacy of Strength (Benefits Melee classes), Efficacy of Agility (Benefits Archer classes), and Efficacy of Wisdom (Benefits Mage classes).
    These buffs will randomly change at 1 p.m. CST every Monday. Thus, if Bistakon bestows the Efficacy of Strength buff one week, it will bestow a different buff the following week, and Efficacy of Strength will instead be available in one of the other two areas.
    Sealed Vesper materials and Spirit Stone Fragments can be obtained in the Seed of Annihilation.

    Tips & How To?!
    1. Teleport from Gludio to Airship, then jump to Keucereus base and talk to Kbaldir NPC in order to take the "To the Seed of Annihilation" quest.
    2. Teleport to Seed of Annihilation using the Seed Teleport Device and talk to Klemis NPC. Since you are there, take the daily quest "Not Strong Enough Alone" from him too.
    3. Take the quest "Finding the Lost Soldiers" from Officer Jakan.
    4. Start farming mobs in SoA. Required 2-3 characters in party (DD's, Tanks and Healer)

    IMPORTANT: Don't get more than 1-2 groups with mobs!

    Important and required quests in
    Seed of Annihilation (up to Freya CT 2.5 chronicle)

    Quest - To the Seed of Annihilation (84+)
    Description: Kbaldir, the commander of Keucereus Alliance Base, is looking for an adventurer who will deliver his order to the Seed of Annihilation.
    Start NPC: Kbaldir
    Min. Level: 84
    Repeat: No
    Group: No

    To the Seed of Annihilation (Step 1)
    Commander Kbaldir of Keucereus' Clan Outpost wants you to help Gracian soldiers at the Seed of Annihilation. You are to report to Officer Klemis with Kbaldir's Orders.

    Quest - Finding the Lost Soldiers (84+)
    Description: Officer Jakan is looking for lost soldiers who may be marooned in the Seed of Annihilation.
    Start NPC: [Officer] Jakan
    Min. Level: 84
    Restrictions: Completion of Seed of Annihilation Quest, No record of having completed this quest today

    Search for the Those who Sacrificed
    Officer Jakan is looking for soldiers who sacrificed themselves for their mission. Look for the corpses of Gracian Soldiers in the Seed of Annihilation.
    NPC: Seed of Annihilation

    Search Complete.
    You've found the corpse of a soldier and his ID tag in the Seed of Annihilation. Bring it to Officer Jakan who is staying at the center of the Seed of Annihilation.
    NPC: Officer Jakan

    Quest - Not Strong Enough Alone (84+)
    Description: A Gracian Soldier Klemis, who's been staying at the dock of Seed of Annihilation, is looking for a method to mitigate the power of the Seed. As such, he seeks an Adventurer who will get rid of the monsters that infest it...
    Start NPC: [Officer] Klemis
    Min. Level: 84
    Restrictions: Completion of Seed of Annihilation Quest, No record of having completed this quest today.

    Support the Gracian Troops
    Officer Klemis asks you about which of the three areas of the Seed of Annihilation you want to attack. Tell him after you decide.
    NPC: Officer Klemis

    Subjugation of the Bistakon
    You've chosen to fight the Bistakon. Monsters to be hunted - Bgurent, Brakian, Groikan, Treykan, Elite Bgurent, Elite Brakian, Elite Groikan, Elite Treykan
    NPC: Seed of Annihilation, Bistakon area

    Gathering Attribute Energy
    You can collect Energy Compression Stones in the Seed of Infinity, Seed of Destruction and Seed of Annihilation. You need the Shadow Item - Collection Agathion Summon Bracelet.



    How to get the Shadow Item - Collection Agathion Summon Bracelet:
    Can be purchased from Officer Tolonis for Extracted Red Star Stone - 50 pcs. and 80,000 adena.


    More info about "Gathering Attribute Energy"
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    Useful guide. Thanks!
    If someone is looking for group and farming [​IMG] Spirit Stone Fragments or Vesper parts... PM me in-game on Eris :) I'll help!