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Lineage 2 general linux run guide(mostly for Ubuntu)

Discussion in 'Info and Tutorials' started by Alince, Dec 20, 2019.

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  1. Alince

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    Greetings, This is a guide on how to Install and run L2S on linux with ease of mind as it have worked for me:
    1)Download the latest versions of Wine and PlayOnLinux via the terminal:
    -Guide on getting Wine:
    -To install PlayOnLinux simply open the terminal and type :
    sudo apt install playonlinux
    Dont forget to update the system via typing:
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

    2)Download the Lineage2 copy from L2S and its patch and extract the ZIP(I will explain how to extract the RAR later in this guide):

    3)Before I continue I encountered a problem where if I used wine to try and install L2 it ran the install but delivered an empty folder for one reason or another probably because linux could not have read the files and honestly it is risky to run sudo with wine to install L2, so I suggest you Install it via PlayOnLinux for simplicity sake:
    -Open PlayOnLinux,
    -Go into "tools" and click "Manage wine versions" and pick the version most up to date to install it
    -Once that is done in the PlayOnLinux main screen Click on "Install a program"
    -At the bottom of the new window click on "Install a non-listed program"
    -at the new window just click "next" than "Install a program in a new virtual drive" and name the folder
    -Select all the 3 boxs on the options and in order
    1)Select the newest version of Wine you have from the list(DONT LEAVE IT ON DEFAULT)
    2)Select the bit version of your PC
    3)In the Wine configure select according to the install version you choose WIN7/WIN10 and hit OK
    -You need wine gecko so agree to it once it pops up
    4)Select the following libraries: corefonts / d3dx9 or above / dotnet20 / msxml4 or msxml6 / vcrun2008 / Tahoma fonts
    5)Than select the exe install file in the L2S folder and dont temper with anything in the install setting just click next until its installed
    6)The L2 copy should appear in your PlayOnLinux folder under the folder name you designated during this process

    4)You will need UNRAR to extract the Patch rar file you have downloaded:
    I use UNRAR so here is what to type in the terminal to get it
    sudo apt-get install unrar
    go into the folder you downloaded, right click and select "open terminal here" or navigate via the terminal to use unrar there and type:
    unrar x system-l2s-freya

    5)Copy the "System" folder from the Patch rar you have extracted and paste it into the Lineage2 folder and agree for the overwrite which is located in your PlayOnLinux folder under the name you designated to it at step 3.

    6)This is the last step I swear, open the terminal again and type "winecfg", now in the wine configure window select the the appropriate windows version it should emulate as to the version of Lineage2 you have selected to install(either WIN7/WIN10).
    Than click on the "Staging" tab and disable CSMT(leaving it run can cause CPU issues and overheating),Click "apply" than "OK" and you are done.
    Now simple run L2.exe from the system folder where you have installed lineage2 which should be inside the PlayOnLinux folder under the name you designated to it, Have fun and if you have problems you can as for help on the L2S discord channel.
    Lastly if you still have CPU issue I suggest you Change ALT key with SUPER in your Linux OS settings.
    Hope this helps.

    Warring- If you have problems with other Lineage2 servers with linux it might be because of GameGuard that will not allow you to execute L2 as its a windows based program with little to no use on linux, my suggestion look for a lineage2 private server with no default GameGuard in their patch like L2S, otherwise this guide wont work on linux duh.
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