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Gather the Flames - Lineage 2 Quest

Discussion in 'Lineage 2 Guides' started by AllinOne, Sep 18, 2018.

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    Gather the Flames - Quest

    Gather the Flames
    Start lvl: 74 - 80
    NPC: Blacksmith Vulcan
    Type: Solo / One time only
    Start location: Forge of the Gods / Goddard Territory
    Race: Any race
    Class: Any class
    Rewards: Recipes of weapon - Grade S.

    Description: Blacksmith Vulcan is busy collecting flames in the lower level of the Forge of the Gods. He'll give you a special reward if you defeat the monsters there and bring him 1000 flames.

    1. Speak to Vulcan in Forge of the Gods.

    2. Hunt the mobs in Forge of the Gods area and collect 1000 Torch [​IMG]

    3. Come back to Vulcan when you are ready to recieve your reward - random S grade weapon recipe

    • Warning! Rooney Blacksmith of Wind teleports between several locations in the Forge of the Gods, so you may need to spend some time to find this NPC.

    You can get the following recipes: