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Lineage 2 Shortcut Keys

Discussion in 'Info and Tutorials' started by AllinOne, Aug 27, 2018.

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    Esc - Cancel the current target
    Tab/Alt+V - Open the Inventory
    F1~F12 - Use assigned shortcut keys
    Alt+T - View Status window
    Alt+F1~F10 - Turn the pages in the shortcut key window
    Alt+K - View Skill/Magic window
    Page Up/Down - Change the camera view
    Alt+C - View Actions window
    Ctrl - Hold the Ctrl key while attacking to attack other players (PvP) or friendly NPCs
    Alt+N - Open the Clan Actions window
    Alt+Y - Open the Lineage II Messenger window
    Alt+U - Open the Quest window
    Alt+M - View the map
    Alt+B - View the community bulletin board
    Alt+J - Hide the chat window
    Alt+X - Open the System Menu
    Alt+H - Hide the interface
    Alt+R - View the Macro list