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Fast Leveling Guide from level 76 to 84 for Lineage 2 Freya

Discussion in 'Lineage 2 Guides' started by Kel'Thuzad, May 20, 2018.

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    Fast Leveling Guide from level 76 to 84
    Lineage 2 - Chronicle: Freya


    After you hit level 76, you can change to your 3rd class immediately.

    Lv. 76-80
    Forge of the Gods (use AoE)

    Lv. 76-84
    Monastery of Silence

    Lv. 78-82
    Primeval Plains, Lost Nest (For Mage class), Imperial Tomb, Crypts of Disgrace

    Lv. 80-84
    Beast Farm, Plains of Lizardmen, Sell Mahum Training Grounds

    Lv. 82-84
    Stakato Nest, Monastery of Silence 2nd Floor

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