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How to use a Wyvern?

Discussion in 'Lineage 2 Guides' started by L2S, May 11, 2018.

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    How to use a Wyvern?

    Wyvern is the last stage of Hatchlings evolution. To use a Wyvern, your clan needs to own a castle, a fortress or a conquerable hall and you need to have a Strider lvl 55.

    • If a lord wants to use a Wyvern, they need to talk to a Wyvern Manager, on the territory of a castle/fortress/hall.
    • To summon a Wyvern, a lord needs to mount a Striderduring their talk to a Wyvern Manager and have the necessary amount of crystals Grade В (25).
    • Just like other pets, Wyverns need food to survive and act properly. If you don’t feed your Wyverns, sooner or later it’ll disappear, and its master will be teleported to the closest township.
    • When a Wyvern is summoned, your character’s weapon is taken off and doesn’t influence Wyvern’s skills in any way.
    • When riding a Wyvern, a lord cannot pick up items or use their own skills.
    • When a lord unmounts, their Wyvern disappears. If a character is too high above, they cannot unsummon their Wyvern. They can’t also travel using their Wyvern to some unique places, like the top floor of Insolence Tower.
    • If the title of castle lord moves to other owner, while the previous lord is mounted on a Wyvern, then the pet is unsummoned by force.
    • When you’re mounted, you can use a unique skill - Wyvern Breath.

    To mount a Wyvern,
    you need to be the leader of a clan owning

    Gludio Castle, Dion Castle, Giran Castle, Oren Castle,
    Innadril Castle, Aden Castle, Goddard Castle, Rune Castle, Schuttgart Castle

    Conquerable Halls
    Devastated Castle, Fortress of the Dead

    All fortresses

    Clan Halls
    Clan Halls in Aden

    Wyvern skills

    When a character rides a Wyvern, they can use Wyvern Breath skill. It can be used during sieges only. Damage from Wyvern Breath depends on the level of the Wyvern.

    Wyvern lvl - 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75
    Power of the skill - 191 / 220 / 249 / 277 / 301

    Ref: l2wiki.com/Wyvern
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