[Event 18-31 Oct, 2017] Halloween Screenshots Contest!

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    Join Our Thematic Halloween Screenshots Contest!
    Until Tuesday, 31 October 2017
    (GMT+2/UTC+2, server time)
    Active contest!

    Hello Adventurers, welcome to our Halloween Screenshots Competition on the Lineage 2 Scarlet server!

    How it works
    To take part, submit your spooky scary screenshots in this forum thread.
    Rules of participation

    1. One or more screenshots per member may be entered.
    2. Editing screenshots is allowed.
    3. Members must be connected to the Lineage 2 Scarlet Epilogue server when taking screenshots for submission.
    4. You can upload photos to http://tinypic.com/ and paste here the direct link or provide your screenshot links from our Lineage 2 Scarlet Photo Gallery.

    Amazing prizes
    On Tuesday, 31 October 2017.. the lucky winner will be rewarded with Adena, G. Medals, E. Medals and CoL.
    1st Place: 150 G. Medals and 70 E. Medals and 6 CoL
    2nd Place: 75 G. Medals and 35 E. Medals and 3 CoL
    3rd Place: 10 bil. adena.
    BONUS for participating in this Event! You have chance to obtain new seasonal medals for user profiles in forum!
    Halloween Medal is available during this season only (between 18.10.2017 and 31.10.2017).

    Good Luck and Have fun! :)


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    MagiSoula: I don't know why you hang out with her. She is such a hoe!
    Doofy: I'm gonna chop you like liver.

    Doofy: WHAT?! :)

    Shogun: I'm on T.V. Oh shit, first "Cops" now this. I'm gonna be a star, son.
    Doofy: Can I tell you a secret... I see dead people. ...

    Caradine: You guys are psychos! ...
    Doofy: WAZZZZZZZUPPPPP!!! :)

    Happy Halloween !!

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  4. Previous post < LOL! :)
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  6. Shot00044.jpg
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  7. scary tvt
  8. Oh its me - Broken in the picture >>> nice im participating without uploading anything :D if you win i will have half of the reward :D
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    No. You can't participate without screenshot. Everyone has at least one screenshot in this thread, but you don't have.
    Are you trolling our forum thread? You are an unsuccessful troll :)