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[Event 27-31 Oct, 2016] Happy Halloween Adventurers!

Discussion in 'Events' started by L2S, Oct 27, 2016.

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    Visit our Special Shop and get your Halloween pack

    Halloween Bundle 7-day (Event)
    Halloween Bundle Permanent (Event)


    How do I get my Halloween Bundle?
    In game.. go to Special Shop > Epics & More > Others
    Halloween Bundle 7-day (Event) = 25 G. Medals and 100k adena.
    Halloween Bundle Permanent (Event) = 5 Coin of Luck (CoL).

    Halloween occurs annually on October 31 and is celebrated in remembrance of the dead.
    Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic/Gaelic harvest festival known as Samhain that is celebrated from sunset on October 31 to sunset on November 1.

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