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Awakening - Seize Your Destiny Quest

Discussion in 'Info and Tutorials' started by Remix, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Seize Your Destiny (Awakening) / Any race and class
    Level: 85+
    Quest type: Onetime quest
    Restrictions: After 3rd Class Transfer
    Race: Any race
    Class: Any class
    Start location: Talking Island Village / Gludio Territory
    Start NPC: Cellphine
    Reward: Scroll of Afterlife / Steel Door Guild Coin (400 pcs, ability to Awaken)


    1. Talk to Giant's Servant Cellphine in the Museum of Talking Island Village, choose ‘Quest’ in the dialogue.
      • Talk to Pantheon in Museum Lobby to get inside the Museum.
    2. Talk to Giant's Servant Hadel in Exploration Area 1 in Ruins of Ye Sagira, the character will be brought to Disconnected Labyrinth.
    3. The character will be moved to the room with 8 people representing each profession. Wait until your first rival steps in the middle of the room and only then attack him, then the next one, etc. If you attack without waiting, all 8 mobs will attack your character. Having destroyed your last rival, you’ll see whirls. Come to them and wait until they’ve given your character the strength of the giants.
    4. Go to the next room.
      • An opponent according to the class of your character’s Awakening (e.g. Doomcryer will face Iss Enchanter Seknus) appears in the room, kill him. During the fight every now and then in the middle of the screen you’ll see icons of your future Awakening skills. Use them to kill the opponent more efficiently by clicking them.
      • After you’ve killed your first opponent, three more will appear to attack at once. Kill them.
      • In the middle of the room you’ll see the Source of Power and ten opponents. You need to get close to the Source of Power. The character will get maximum protection for 1 minute. Maximal protection will be cast 3 times only, during this time you need to destroy all the opponents. After you’ve killed them all, a stronger opponent appears. Destroy him using Giants strength (click the icons appearing in the middle of the screen). A door to the third room opens.
    5. In the third room you’ll find the boss — Harnak's Wraith. Start the battle. When his XP’s below 50%, Harnak's Wraith will call for aid. Two unsealing devices will appear. You need to ‘talk’ to both devices and choose ‘Remove the seal’ in the dialogue. Once you’ve talked to the first device, a countdown will start, and you’ll need to ‘talk’ to the second device in one minute. Harnak's Wraith will be destroyed.
    6. Talk to Hermuncus|The Last Giant Hermuncus, which will appear in the room and get Scroll of Afterlife as reward. The character will be moved to Wraith’s Tomb to complete the Awakening.

    The Awakening
    To complete the Awakening, talk to the statue representing the profession you need in Wraith’s Tomb.
    During the Awakening ALL the skills will be removed and changed with the max level skills but without upgrades which at a later stage will be replaced with new skills. As compensation your character will receive part of SP and Essence of Giants spent for upgrading and learning the skills removed.

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