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Awarded Medals

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  1. Awarded: Mar 31, 2020

    Bloody Syringe

    For addicted community users.
    Reason: For addicted users...

  2. Awarded: Mar 31, 2020

    Coronavirus disease

    Greetings in the time of Coronavirus pandemic. Obtainable during the Coronavirus pandemic.
    Reason: Congratulations! Because you had at least one post ... you won a new Limited-Edition medal on the L2 SCARLET forum.

  3. Awarded: Jul 3, 2018

    Cookie Eater

    Amazingly delicious! ...
    Reason: Congrats for eating too many cookies !! :))

  4. Awarded: Jun 7, 2018

    Summer Award

    Obtainable during the Summer.
    Reason: It's summer time! You've been awarded with this awesome seasonal medal! :)