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« on: July 14, 2016, 04:47:14 PM »
Start of Fate
(1st Class Trasnfer)

1. Rewards
2. Description
3. Quick Steps

Race: Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Kamael
Class: Any class
Start location: Talking Island Village / Gludio Territory
Start NPC: Sebion
Reward: 147,600 adena / Scroll of Escape - 10 pcs. / D-grade Soulshot - 1500 pcs. / Blessed D-grade Spiritshot - 1500 pcs. / EXP: 355,200 / SP: 15 / Paulina's D-grade Equipment Set

Find and accept this quest in the Administration Office of Talking Island Village. This NPC differs depending on your character's race and class, but will be the NPC with a quest icon over his or her head. Talk to Gatekeeper Richard to go to the entrance of the Ruins of Ye Sagira. Talk to Lakcis to update the quest and to be sent directly to Exploration Zone 5 to talk to Sebion. Once you are prepared, talk to him a second time to enter the dungeon where your character will face the trials of your first class transfer.

Preparation checklist: Although the first class transfer challenge is actually quite easy, this is a good opportunity to learn how to be prepared for instances and featured battles. Make sure that you’ve learned and maxed out all the skills your character can use, have all your armor and accessories equipped, have a weapon equipped and Soulshots or Spiritshots for it activated, have health potions, and have freshly applied newbie buffs. Conveniently for this quest, there is a Newbie Guide next to Sebion who will give you newbie buffs.

Enter the Labyrinth of Belis dungeon. This is an instanced zone that your character will face alone, with some help from an NPC who will give you tips and directions along the way. Your challenge consists of fighting in four rooms, each available only after the previous section has been completed. All of the enemies in this dungeon drop HP and MP herbs, so your character should be in no danger of dying if you pay attention. You will also have the opportunity to rest and prepare between the rooms. If your character dies at any time in this challenge, you will have to start over at the beginning of the dungeon and fight your way through the rooms again. Overall, completing the whole dungeon can be done in under ten minutes.

Room 1
Talk to the Infiltration Officer NPC to enter the first room. The enemies in this room will not attack you until you attack them. Kill all the Operatives in the room.

Room 2
Follow the Infiltration Officer to next door and, when ready, tell him to open the door. Enemies in here will attack you if you stand close to them. The Handymen you kill may drop Marks of Belis, which look like small brown pouches, as loot. Continue to hunt them until you have three Marks of Belis. These items may drop from the enemy a few seconds after the basic loot drops, so keep your eyes on the ground. One at a time, insert the three Marks of Belis into the Belis Verification System (the giant red crystal in the middle of the room) by interacting with it. When the three items are given to the crystal, the door will open.

Room 3
You should not actually enter Room 3, but rather fight in the hallway between Room 2 and Room 3. If you enter the room while the electricity generator is on, your character will die. The NPC can enter without dying, however, so he will go deactivate the generator. You need to stay in the hallway and kill the enemies as they come, one by one, out of Room 2. Make sure that the enemies do not kill the NPC. Once the NPC has deactivated the generator (you will see a notification on your screen and there will be no more blue flashes in Room 3, proceed through Room 3 to the next hallway.

Room 4
This is the last room, and it contains the boss. When you are ready, talk to the NPC, watch a cutscene that reveals exciting story developments, and then fight Nemertess. Don’t worry, he’s a pushover. Just keep hitting him or casting attack spells, and possibly use a health potion. After he’s dead, watch another short cutscene and then talk to the NPC again to leave the dungeon.

Outside, talk to Sebion, then use a Scroll of Escape to return to Talking Island Village. There, speak to Pantheon. He’ll tell you to return to the NPC who gave you the quest, in the Administration Office. Depending on the class path for your character's race and class combination, this step may complete the quest, or you may be prompted to choose between different classes your character can become. Choose a class to complete the quest.

What class do I choose now? Whenever you're prompted to choose between different classes as part of a class transfer, you are making an important decision. The many paths evolve and sometimes split multiple times as you level up. If you are uncertain how to proceed, see the Races and Classes section for information on what classes your character can become.

Your character is now level 20, has a new class, and has received Proofs of Courage!

Proofs of Courage? When your character completes a class transfer, you are rewarded with Proofs of some sort (the name differs depending on the transfer level). Use these as currency to trade with your race master NPC for items specific to the grade for which your character just became eligible. In this case, use Proofs of Courage to trade for D-grade weapons, armor, and accessories.

Quick Steps
Talk to Sebion in Exploration Zone 5 of the Ruins of Ye Sagira.
Talk to him once again to confirm your intention to enter Labyrinth of Belis, your character will be teleported inside the Labyrinth of Belis.
Talk to the Combat Assistant in the Labyrinth of Belis.
Enter the room and destroy all Embryo Operative mobs.
Follow the Combat Assistant to the next room and talk to him to open the door.
Enter the room and kill Embryo Handyman mobs with Combat Assistant’s help. Pick up every Belis' Mark Belis' Mark , you need 3 Marks. Talk to Belis Verification System NPC to open the door.
Follow the Combat Assistant to the next room and talk to him to open the door.
Protect the Combat Assistant, don't enter the room - otherwise your character will receive great damage, destroy the coming mobs Embryo Operative and Embryo Handyman. Wait until Electricity Generator is destroyed. Warning! Embryo Operatives and Embryo Handymen will appear from the previous room behind you. If the Combat Assistant dies, your instanced zone will be closed and your character will be teleported back to Sebion. You will have to start it all over again.
Follow the Combat Assistant to the next room and talk to him to open the door.
Watch the video and destroy the remaining opponent - Royal Guard Nemertess and get Saril's Necklace Saril's Necklace .
Talk to the Combat Assistant. Your character will be teleported to Exploration Zone 5 of Ruins of Ye Sagira.
Talk to Sebion in Exploration Zone 5 of Ruins of Ye Sagira.
Talk to your Race Magister in the Talking Island Village, get the reward and choose your first class.
High Priest Franco
Grand Master Rivian
Grand Magister Devon
High Prefect Took
Head Blacksmith Moka
Grand Master Valfar
Once you've got your first class, Flame Lord Kakai will offer your character to complete the Tough Road quest.

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