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Level 10-20 - Lineage 2 1st Class Transfer (Gracia Final, Freya, High Five)

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Fast Leveling Guide Level 10-20 Lineage II Gracia Final

1st Class Transfer (available for Hellbound, Gracia part 1/2, Gracia Final, Epilogue, Freya and High Five)
[Info!] Starting with Goddess of Destruction chronicle this Guide is NOT working anymore!

Start from Kamael Village. Get support magic buffs from "Newbie Guide" NPC ...

Teleport to Kamael Village > Stronghold III ...

Don't forget and activate your Soulshots using "Right Click" from your mouse ...

Get level by killing monsters (mobs) in the area until you get level 20 ...

Now teleport back to town. You're level 20 and you can select your first class transfer.

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