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Top RB Hunters Weekly Reset (1st day, 00:00 GMT+1)
  1. Standard

    1. Reporter

      This person keeps Lineage 2 Scarlet sparkling clean by reporting posts and bots, generally has at least 100 reported posts.

    2. Marketeer

      This person knows how to make money, usually active in the "Trade" section.

    3. MOTM

      Awarded to the Member of the Month winner.

    4. Lion

      For those who are in love with animals.

  2. Limited Edition

    1. Coronavirus disease

      Greetings in the time of Coronavirus pandemic. Obtainable during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  3. Donation & Upgrade

    1. Sponsor

      This user has sponsored Lineage 2 Scarlet!

  4. User Owned

    1. Infinity

      Your potential has no limitations.

    2. Royal Heart

      Given to users who constantly help around Lineage 2 Scarlet Community and are respected.

    3. Hello Kitty

      Hello Kitty just wants to give you a hug <3

    4. Survivor

      You survived.

    5. Loli

      Given to anime members who post lots of loli.

    6. Cookie Eater

      Amazingly delicious! ...

    7. Bloody Syringe

      For addicted community users.

  5. Credit

    1. Credit Whore

      This is an exclusive, permanent award only available in forum. Cost: 10 CoL

    2. Treasure Chest

      This is an exclusive, permanent award only available in forum. Cost: 8 CoL

  6. Season

    1. Halloween

      Only obtainable during the Halloween event.

    2. Santa Hat

      This award is only obtainable during the Christmas Event.

    3. Easter

      Hoppity hop hop

    4. Summer Award

      Obtainable during the Summer.

    5. Christmas

      An award won via the Christmas contest.